The mobile phones have seen a whole new lot of technological advancement in it in the past few years. Earlier having a mobile phone with someone was a big deal but now everyone, from parents to a school going child to our grandparents have an android phone with them. Mobile phones have now become a part and parcel of our life and now we cannot imagine our life without it. Thanks to the technological changes happening around us that we have reached at this stage of the life. What comes in mind when thinking of mobile phones? Apps. What if the apps which we download for free are not free anymore and we have to pay them to have an access over it. Yes there exists such apps too. So let us take a look how we can download these apps for free on our android mobile phones.

There are various apps available which let us download paid apps for free.

  1. Black Mart:
  • It is an alternative to Google Play Store for mobile phones using Android as their operating system.
  • The difference between Google Play Store and Black Mart is that it lets us download the apps without having a registered account on it unlike Google Play Store.

Steps to download apps via Black Mart:

Step 1: the first step includes downloading and installing the app named “Black Mart” on your android phones.

Step 2: search for the app which is paid on Google Play Store and remember its version mentioned in the description of the application.

Step 3: search for the same app here on Black Mart keeping in mind its version too.

Step 4: download the app and install it on your phones or device to start using it.

  • It helps us to download the paid apps for free on our android phones using the apk of that particular app.

Steps to download apps via You can find many paid apps for free from 4shared like clash of clans mod apk.

Step 1: either install the app of on your phone or go to its website on your PC.

Step 2: enter the name of the paid app in the search engine with ‘.apk’ i.e. the name of the app.apk

Step 3: download and install its apk file on your PC and transfer that app to your phone or can be directly downloaded on the phone through app as mentioned above.


  1. Mobile Market:
  • Download this app from Google Play Store and from Mobile Market all other paid apps can be downloaded for free.
  • Its main motive is to allow all android users to have access to all the apps for free.

  1. 9apps:
  • It is another platform which lets us download apps for free and is very reliable providing us with fast download of apps.

  1. Amazon App Store:
  • It is an alternative to Google Play Store which lets us download the apk files of the apps through which the app can be downloaded easily.
  • It is available only for the users of US, UK, Germany and Spain.
  • We need to have an account on the amazon to download the apps for free.

  1. Aptoide:

Steps to download apps via Aptoide:

         Step 1: to download the apps via aptoide, we need to open the homepage on our phones and enter the url ‘’.

                     Step 2: the Packet Manager is a platform which allows us to download the apps                for free.

                      Step 3: enter the name of the app you wish to download and then install it on your phone and you are ready to go for it.