WhatsApp is most used instant messaging among the various smart phone, it is most than any other apps. Almost 90% of smartphone user have WhatsApp in their phone, it has overshadowed the user those boring SMS, emails and even BBMs. Even you almost use it daily life, but suppose you are having an important conversation without some and you want to keep that conversation secure as a backup in your google drive to keep them safe in case of changing your phone or number. So how would you do that. Here is some simple step you should follow just after registering you no. so that you can restore all those whenever and wherever you want.

Here in this article will be discussing about how to backup and restore chats of WhatsApp on your phone with the help of google drive.


How to backup WhatsApp chats?

1.To backup, all you need is to have access of google on your phone, so that you able to able access google for backup of the chat.

·         Firstly, you must install Google play service on your phone.

·         After that optimum space must be available on your drive to backup WhatsApp media such as video, images, recordings and chats.

·         Same goes with the space available in the phone, it makes a primarily backup in the phone then on the Google drive.

2.Now, keep the backup turn on in your WhatsApp, to get accessed by the Google drive. For doing that follow these steps.

·         Initially, open WhatsApp menu. On the top right of the user interface.

·         Select setting then click on chats for backup.

·         Select chats backup.

·         Select option for backing chats on google drive, get google connected to WhatsApp by logging in google account

·         Select, for the mode to control how often you want to backup your chats

·         Click on backup over for select the mode of network you always wish to back up (mobile data or wifi)

·         Option of manually backing of chats whenever you want is also available.

For extra support go through these screenshots.

How to Restore chats from a Google Drive.

Now if you have changed your phone and you want to restore your older chats to your device, all you need is to follow these.

·         As you have installed WhatsApp on you new device, you have register with same number, in order to get backup.

·         Make sure that you have logged in to google drive before doing that.

·         after registration with the same no. you automatically get option of restoring messaging and media on your device.

·         just click on the next to do so.

·         Your chats will be displayed automatically just after restoration.

If you are installing WhatsApp after without drive, only those chats will be displayed which backups available on your phone.